About me



My name is Meritxell, I was born and raised in Barcelona and graduated in Tourism in 1991. I am in love with my city and passionate about travelling.


Since I was young I used to travel all over Europe with my parents, they were the ones who sparked my interest in different cultures, languages, landscapes and different people. When I was 12 years old I already wanted to become a tour guide and I did it! I started working as tour leader through Spain and Europe and  I travelled for years until I started a family. That was the moment to rediscover my place and return to my beloved Barcelona.


Since 2003 I have dedicated myself only   teaching this wonderful land, Catalonia and its capital Barcelona. Being a guide is not my hobby, it is my job and my life.


I organise all kinds of tours: historical, museums, gastronomic… I work for all kinds of groups: private, cruise passengers, families, students, congressmen… I know that each group has a different need, that’s why I´m flexible and I organise private tailored  tours as well. I work in several languages: Catalan (my mother language), Spanish, English and French.

I hope to see you soon in Barcelona!

Let yourself be guided by Barcelona Moments!!