Moments with KIDS

MOMENTS with KIDS. Kids friendly


Can you travel with kids ? Of course you can!! Travelling with them around the world, be in different cities, visit some museums, some parks, taste new food…  among many other things is an unique and rewarding  experience for them.


If you are  passionate about travelling do not stop  dreaming. Travelling is for all the ages, the only thing is that you only have to change the way you travel and adapt to them.


We knew it when we formed our family. We have traveled with our kids close by and far away and now our passion is already shared.


From my experiences with them I want to create this little project that I will expand little by little. Barcelona Moments with kids presents you some tours to do in the city, but each child is unique and has different needs and interests. If you come to Barcelona with your family and want something special to do with them do not hesitate to ask me and together we can design the best tour with and for them